Wednesday, November 3, 2010

monumental moments

Yesterday afternoon I met with the mother of the bride from this past weekend's wedding. Her daughter and now son-in-law, who reside in Boston but are currently basking in the Aruban sun, got married in The College of William & Mary's Wren Chapel with their reception at the William & Mary Alumni House.

Now, I love my job. Everyday I get to help excited families plan such a monumental day. I especially love brides, grooms, mothers and fathers who are planning the first wedding of their family. There's so much more of a fresh, excited feeling than I can relay. Every detail get's them more delighted, nervous and anxious than the next. And this is just what I experienced with this family.

For the last two months of the planning process, I received a weekly phone call from Ann, the mother of the bride, anxious as to what the reception room would look like, if we chose the right linens, if I was sure the tables didn't need bigger centerpieces, and if people were ultimately going to walk in and gasp. The last two weeks, this phone called turned into a daily routine. For me, I loved that. I would talk with enthusiasm about our choices, ensure her the day would run so smoothly and that sense of promise calmed her.

Needless to say, after giving her a sneak peek of the reception room before any of their guests, tears were in her eyes. And here's my point to this story--Ann sat me down in the coffee shop yesterday, put her hand over mine, looked in my eyes and said this:

"Aside from the personal moments I had with my daughter, there is one moment that I will never forget. I was walking up the path and stairs to the Alumni House, holding my father's arm. The doors opened and the sights, sounds, and smells froze me. I instantly heard the beautiful music of the string quartet, our guests talking and laughing, the ice clinking in the glasses. I looked up and saw the old dark green carpet and gold adornments, pictures of historic figures on the walls. I could smell a wood burning fire off in the distance. It was like I was stepping back into the most fascinating party 100 years ago. Like I was a part of history. And I hadn't even taken a step into the building yet."

This is the reason I do what I do. Throughout the planning process, I encourage my brides, grooms and families to revel in the moments of the adventure. Take a step back or stop in your tracks and remember things like this.

I encourage you, brides to be, to stop and breathe. Take in why you're doing this and when the day finally comes, don't forget to stop and look around. While pictures are great memories, the most memorable come from sights, sounds, and smells you'll never forget.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

letters and words

Letters and words in home decor and wedding design were all the rage the last two years. Anthropologie was certainly a top contender in the most influential of this design. But here's the million dollar question: Is it still a hot trend?

Don't get me wrong, the monogram as a cake topper or flanking the chapel doors is classic. But are the one worded labels of rooms, names or items a dying trend?

What do you think? Still in style or a dead trend?