Friday, November 30, 2012

a bride-to-be is born!

Ever wonder what happens when tables are turned, and the wedding planner gets engaged? On August 27, 2012, on Captiva Island, Florida, those magical, and you can bet well-dressed, tables did turn when this wedding planner officially became a bride-to-be! Over the next 90 days, I’ll share with you my own adventures from engagement through “I do” and maybe even a little beyond. I know you’ll recognize yourselves and elements of your own journey in our story. I’ll even try to take the proverbial ring off once in awhile and reflect on what you can learn from this expert-turned-subject and how you can apply what I’ve learned to your own planning. And yes, we’ll definitely have some laughs along the way!

Engagement Story

Our August trip to beautiful Captiva Island in southwest Florida almost didn’t happen. We usually visit Phil’s family there each year. This year, despite his best efforts, Phil kept dropping hints about the engagement, including wanting to plan some “alone time” during what is usually our family vacation. In his defense, 6 years into our relationship I am still impossible to surprise (nice that he keeps trying though!).

Phil’s plan was to let me book our private stay at an inn and give me the false appearance of having control over the vacation (imagine: a wedding planner who likes control). In the days prior to the trip, the Inn kept calling to see if we wanted to reschedule due to impending Hurricane Isaac. We persevered, though, and arrived on a sunny, albeit very windy, day. Our first inclination was to head to the beach, but the sand was blowing so hard that it stung our face and legs, so we retreated inland to the pool. There, under a very romantic straw structure, Phil dropped to one knee and proposed just as a huge storm cloud was rolling in. Of course, I cried, said yes, cried some more, then called my mother and everyone else we know. Phil chose the perfect ring: a yellow diamond in a vintage setting. A bride-to-be was born!

There are probably lessons to be shared here about trying to trick the untrickable, planning an engagement vacation during hurricane season in southwest Florida, or hiding “the ring” in a bag that your future fiancĂ© could sift through (and thankfully didn't), but ultimately it was as romantic an engagement as any I’ve seen, and the beginning of our very own exciting journey towards marriage!

Our next stops: choosing the venue (a.k.a. the hardest part of all) and designing the perfect save-the-date announcements. Look for our next installment soon!

Until then, we'll leave you with this beautiful video our talented friend, Sheena Jeffers, created for us of our engagement week: