Friday, August 28, 2009

Richmond Wedding Network launch

I am so excited to tell you about the new launch of Richmond Wedding Network! Former magazine editor and web copywriter, Ashley Guttuso, has introduced a network experience to help brides and grooms select vendors, achieve special details, and share their planning stories online.

Dulcet and Dapper is even more excited to have been featured on Richmond Wedding Network last week!

If you get a minute, swing by the new Richmond Wedding Network and get inspired!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Inspiration for Color, Style, Theme

Inspiration for your wedding color, theme or style could and should come from the everyday things you love. Is there a particular item of clothing you can't stop wearing? A mug for coffee that brightens your day in the morning? Or a rug that you keep thanking yourself over and over for splurging on but praying the dog doesn't pee on?

In planning weddings it's hard for brides to begin to think of colors and style--especially if it's Summer and you're planning a Winter wedding! Take inspiration from what you can't stop looking at (and no I don't mean your hubby-to-be!) Something that gets you to the core everytime you glance at it.

A beautiful vase. A vase you are so obsessed with it can't go a day without housing fresh flowers.

Maybe it's an item of clothing that you liked on the rack but fell in love with once on. Or something your guy oogles over everytime you wear it.

Maybe its not necessarily color inspiration you're looking for. Maybe you'd like an actual theme. Take inspiration from this awesome plate for a nautical theme. Crisp navy with patches of sunshine yellow and cloudy blue. Simply incorporate sailboats or anchors in your theme. On your place cards, menu cards, programs or even drink flags.
That mug that you can't stop drinking out of in the morning because it's just so gorgeous? Use it for wedding inspiration. Deep emeralds with whimsical lime green and ivory flowers.

Or maybe you and your groom are food junkies. You not only love the vibrant colors of fruits and vegetables, but you actually love cooking and chowing down on these healthy treats. Incorporate that food in your wedding--and not just with the menu. Line rectangle tables with old, wooden fruit baskets or boxes and plant a vibrant red or orange flower. Elegantly arrange a variety of vegatables down the table--artichokes, tomatos, eggplant, bell peppers. You're thinking, for a wedding?! Yes! It's earthy and wonderful.
How about that gorgeous necklace you spent a pretty penny for but never wear because its just so ornate and recognizable? Perfect pair for a lovely, romantic wedding. Embrace the soft, neutral tones and go for the traditional wedding your mom would want you to have, but with a personal flair. Utilize ribbons and bows, sparkly metallic gems but keep to a traditional white or ivory color palette.

So you're a simple gal. You like clean, fresh lines. A modern feel. Thats why you chose the chic piece of art hanging adjacent to your front door. Execute the muted blue color and offset it with a traditional, gorgeous ivory. The pairing is phenomenal. Plus, if you're an animal lover, incorporate a simple bird theme.
Whether its inspiration for a color, theme, or style of your wedding or event, let it come from the things that you're passionate about. The things that make you smile daily. The sky is the limit. Afterall, its your wedding to personalize!
All of these images have come from the fabulous Anthropologie. My absolute obsession.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Coren Moore

If you haven't been introduced to the simple, chic stylings of designer Coren Moore, I'm here to do it for you! She is wonderful. Based out of New York, her clean, fresh dresses for brides, bridesmaids, flower girls are absolutely stunning. Dozens of sweet styles and colors are popping up in weddings everywhere.

Perfect for an outdoor, Spring wedding or a formal, Fall wedding, she's got something for everyones tastebuds.

{pictures from Coren Moore or her blog}
For you budget-friendly brides, you're in luck. She's always having sample sales and trunk shows. Please do me a favor and check out these gorgeous dresses. I haven't even touched on her fabulous collection.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Style: Opulence

I love summer, don't get me wrong. But there's something about those crisp, autumn nights that I look forward to every year. So, I started thinking about new trends emerging for fall.

Spring and summer weddings are just darling--especially those utilizing the natural, green elements that surround us daily. The rustic, wild flower look. The bride who is not so traditional--that will let her guests wear their cowboy boots and kick back to good ol' blue grass while sipping on sweet tea from mason jars. I love those weddings. I prefer to design for those weddings. But there's just something about season's changing. Out with the old, in with the new.

This year, fall is about opulence. Metallics--gold, silver, bronze, champagne. Textured fabrics and antique pieces. Eclectic mirrors everywhere. Gorgeous chandeliers towering from tall ceilings. Old world elegance but with a bit of new age flair.

On top of opulent, metallic tones, add rich, warm colors in your floral. Deep red, burnt orange, even a velvet purple.
Try something new with your centerpieces using these tones. Like these fabulous low arrangements with shades of chocolate and caramel from Ed Libby.
Add a bit of flush, soft pieces to offset the radiance and to comfort your guests too! Imagine how this would look propped up on a high-back antique chair in your cocktail area.

How awesome would an antique piano be? You could pull together the old world decor while providing fabulous music (with a pianist in tails!) while your guests mix and mingle.

Use a textured fabric to cover long rows of tables. Extending lines create a more luxurious, radiant feel to a room--tall vases, intricate chandeliers, rows and rows of tables.
Lastly, top your tables with gorgeous, antique plates and silverware. Fall has an eclectic, mismatched look in store. Utilize this look by going to local thrift stores, yard sales and antique shops to build your collection. It could save you those outstanding rental fees too!
I'm ready for a change to BIG things. Fall is a short season. Soon we'll be moving into the white floral and the icy look of winter. For all you fall brides--and recently there have been quite a few of you--embrace the over-the-top feel of big design and metallic color palettes. You'll feel like royalty.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby's Breath is Back!

Baby's breath is BACK! Long are the days of sprigs of baby's breath in bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. It's coming back but in full force! I remember wearing in my hair a cluster of baby's breath with a loooong ribbon attached at my elementary school graduation. Well wait a minute, my middle school graduation too. And I think I might still have those bundles of memories. [I've very aware I was a loser.] Since the 90's, style trends have evolved [read: I used to wear a fanny pack on the reg] and so has baby's breath--in a huge way.

Huge clusters of baby's breath can look like whimsical clouds. Such a light, elegant touch to any ceremony or reception. Not to mention, these sprigs of loveliness are quite inexpensive.

They can add a touch of opulance by mounting full bouquets on top of huge stone vases or candelabras. Putting them in old tea kettles or watering cans can add a touch of rustic, chic for low centerpieces. Having your maids carry them is a gorgeous way to penny pinch, without hindering style.

Check out these pictures and ideas that I scooped up from the wedding web:

How about you? Are you planning to use the beautiful, yet inexpensive option of baby's breath in your upcoming wedding? Have anymore ideas for baby's breath you'd like to share with readers?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Something Bridal...for you!

I am so excited to share this upcoming Richmond Bridal event with you! The evening of August 27th, the new Lemaire Restaurant at the Jefferson Hotel will host a cocktail party for area brides and friends to mix, mingle and enjoy FREE goodies! It will feature yours truly, Vera Wang cosmetics, Macy's registry, the Salon at the Jefferson and Blooms at the Jefferson. Throughout the evening, we'll be raffling off Vera Wang perfumes and cosmetics and hair and make-up trials from the Salon. Sample the new and fabulous Lemaire menu while sipping on custom signature cocktails. Once you put your mouth around any of these things, trust me, you will want to book a dinner, luncheon, brunch or special date night at this beautiful restaurant!

So bring your mom, sister, bridesmaids, fiance, or just fly solo--there will be plenty of fun and friendly faces to meet! You'll be able to bounce around wedding planning and designing ideas with other area brides, discuss vendor reviews and even pick my brain for neat little DIY projects or fun ways to express yourself on your big day! Did I mention the delicious cocktails and complimentary hors d'oeuvres?!
Contact London Ray at Lemaire to RSVP. 804.649.1629 or

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I apologize for the delay in posting! LK is busy putting the finishing touches on a backyard "Southern Derby Soiree" {post and picture to come!} and vamping up the website that will launch shortly. We've got a beautiful engagement shoot, save the dates, DIY by LK, attic hunting and much more to come here on D+D. Don't forget about us while we're busy doing all these things!

In the meantime, check out these creative Save the Dates found on Style Me Pretty and created by the talented Marilyn Chien: