Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bring on 2010!

{photo by Greg Butler}

Finally. Years and years of dating, months and months of sending ring hints to your beau, you are engaged!! After you have finished freaking out, crying, hugging, kissing, screaming and jumping, what do you do? Update twitter? Update facebook? Social media is trumping old fashion phone calls these days, but either way you friends and family are the first to know! Spread the word. Your elation is contagious. Every person you talk to within the next 10 minutes will freak out, cry, hug, kiss, scream and jump with you too.

[Fast forward ...mmm... 2 hours]

Your elation comes to a screeching halt. Planning a wedding=panic. Photographer, florist, cake, venue, dress, ahhh! All the word buzzing is not helping. First of all breathe. You've been dreaming about this your whole life. Baby steps.

Here is a list of critical first steps in the planning process to get you started:

Pick a season.
My theory is to start general and work to specific. You can't just go out and pick a date off the top of your head. Start with picking a season that you and your man love. Maybe it has special meaning, or you just simply love the colors it generates. Once you pick a season...

Pick a date.
If you have 2 or 3 dates to choose from, consider close family and friends that you definitely want there. Do they have a preferred date? Keep the holidays and traveling guests in mind.

Get the big picture.
Envision an overall style that fits both you and your fiance. The size of a wedding can determine the style of a wedding too. Have you been dreaming of the fairytale wedding with your prince charming by your side? Or are you a rustic, casual, southern bride-to-be? Either way, just pick something that fits you both. If you are finding it desperately difficult to do this, do what I recommend and pick one tangible object that you cannot live without and base your style and theme around it.

Touchy touchy subject. A budget is critical. And you wouldn't that come to me and say "Well we don't really have a budget." Huh!??! Consider the guest count and style of wedding before choosing a budget. And be realistic. Always, always, always leave cushion room in the budget for last minute things!

Roughly map out your wedding planning period. Depending on the length of your engagement, you'll probably have time to actually stop and really enjoy the process.

Contact Vendors.
Slowly begin to contact vendors in order of importance to you. For instance, if photography is incredibly important book your favorite vendor right away as some can book up to a year in advance.

Be sure to use free and inspirational sources in the blogging world to get ideas and info for your big day. And if LK can help you, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. www.LKeventsanddesign.com

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