Tuesday, August 2, 2011

stir it up!

We're continuing cocktail week with some inspiring ways to feature these special concoctions! From homemade labels, drink flags to paper straws. All of these ideas are a great way to show off your creativity and delicious drinks!

How about these amazingly beautiful beer-packaging ideas? MYOB (in other words known as Make Your Own Beer) is becoming increasingly popular in households these days. Plus, what better way to put your groom to work? You could do this as a favor or as a way to serve beer at your wedding.

Cocktail flags are all the rage.

How about these personalized drink flags? You could create ones with a cute love quote, your wedding date, or a simple monogram.

A simple and beautiful way to accent your drinks is to purchase paper straws that come in a variety of colors. Etsy is a great resource to purchase these!

Are you creating a fun cocktail for your big day? What are you using to spice up the presentation? Labels, straws, flags?

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