Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the final week

I’m happy to report that so far Phil and I have experienced no real last-minute hiccups or stresses. Truly! I am getting so excited, though. That’s the only word I can use to describe it. And I’m overwhelmed emotionally. Just about everything makes me cry now, but not due to stress or anxiety. It’s just because I truly can’t wait to marry my best friend (cheeeese!).

In a truly “wedding-planner-turn-bride” twist, I have been looking most forward to the seating chart. Visualizing all of our close family and friends in one place on one piece of paper is so truly gratifying and special. Phil, however, begrudgingly undertook the task with me (in fairness, I was way too eager and excited about this the other night). It ended up being super easy. With only a few tweaks and help from family to fill the 10-top tables, it all worked out in a brief 2 hours (yes, that IS brief).
I am, thankfully, hyper-organized (at least I am in my head). I have all of these perfect notes and drawings for my assistants and friends helping set up on Friday and Saturday. Perfectly stacked boxes are paired with index cards that include instructions for exactly where everything goes. This is in addition to the 4 emails everyone has received with pretty much the same information.

I’m not OCD, I swear – just really, really excited! I TRUST the people I’ve hired and asked to help. As a planner, I know what it feels like to be “thrown in” to the fire of a planning process at the tail end and not feeling fully prepared (despite my best efforts). I know (I mean, I hope…) my staff appreciates my attempt at organization. They’ve been thrown into similar fires before too!

{As a planner’s note, you can never, ever be too organized going into the last weeks of your wedding.  Invest as much time as it takes to properly label items, create and check packing lists and write instructions for setup as if you won’t be there – because by all rights you shouldn’t be there for your own setup. Don’t leave things to chance if you want to experience a relatively stress-free day.}

Right now, I guess what I’m really feeling can be summed up in two words: grateful and excited. I am grateful that so, so many people have helped Phil and I throughout this process. They will help set up, pick up, drop off and volunteer in so many ways. I am completely indebted to so many people. It is hard for me to find the words to express this.

And of course, I am excited, because you know: I’m getting married!


  1. Super excited! Can't wait to witness the wedding of the year. I know it will be the best.