Friday, May 29, 2009

Sustainable Life -- Sustainable Style

“The fashion industry is too fancy shmancy. Everyone needs to be taken down a notch.”
-Natalie Chanin

I had the honor and pleasure of meeting the witty, down-to-earth, passionately eco-friendly Natalie Chanin—creator of Alabama Chanin.

Every single piece of clothing, fabric, furniture and pillow is 100% organic and recycled. Everything is dyed, cut, sewn and packaged by hand. Nothing is manufactured or factory produced. To me, these days, this is rare and completely remarkable. If you have a brief minute, visit Alabama Chanin and read Natalie’s compelling story.

What I want to focus on is the unbelievable bridal line Natalie and her artisans created. My very first and essentially only question to her was how her bridal line came about. (I was star struck---what?! She’s graced the pages of VOGUE!) Alabama Chanin’s designs are so earthy, durable and vibrant that her bridal line seems so different and well—white! Her response was this: It was accidental. Alabama Chanin was at a trunk show in New York showing off their recent collection. Her associates were racking clothes in accordance to color. Natalie noticed an all white rack and noted it looked too bridal and whimsical together. Conveniently it was bridal week as well, so voila!--they sold it as bridal. It was an instant hit and obviously a newly established line for Alabama Chanin.
Her dresses stay within the same theme and stiching as regular Alabama Chanin designs, but there is something so engaging and lovely about them. Can’t you just imagine—a small, garden wedding in a family backyard or on a farm? Long, loose hair with one simple flower in her hands. So sweet and chic…

For the complete bridal collection, go here.
Happy weekend! xx

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