Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby's Breath is Back!

Baby's breath is BACK! Long are the days of sprigs of baby's breath in bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. It's coming back but in full force! I remember wearing in my hair a cluster of baby's breath with a loooong ribbon attached at my elementary school graduation. Well wait a minute, my middle school graduation too. And I think I might still have those bundles of memories. [I've very aware I was a loser.] Since the 90's, style trends have evolved [read: I used to wear a fanny pack on the reg] and so has baby's breath--in a huge way.

Huge clusters of baby's breath can look like whimsical clouds. Such a light, elegant touch to any ceremony or reception. Not to mention, these sprigs of loveliness are quite inexpensive.

They can add a touch of opulance by mounting full bouquets on top of huge stone vases or candelabras. Putting them in old tea kettles or watering cans can add a touch of rustic, chic for low centerpieces. Having your maids carry them is a gorgeous way to penny pinch, without hindering style.

Check out these pictures and ideas that I scooped up from the wedding web:

How about you? Are you planning to use the beautiful, yet inexpensive option of baby's breath in your upcoming wedding? Have anymore ideas for baby's breath you'd like to share with readers?

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