Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Style: Opulence

I love summer, don't get me wrong. But there's something about those crisp, autumn nights that I look forward to every year. So, I started thinking about new trends emerging for fall.

Spring and summer weddings are just darling--especially those utilizing the natural, green elements that surround us daily. The rustic, wild flower look. The bride who is not so traditional--that will let her guests wear their cowboy boots and kick back to good ol' blue grass while sipping on sweet tea from mason jars. I love those weddings. I prefer to design for those weddings. But there's just something about season's changing. Out with the old, in with the new.

This year, fall is about opulence. Metallics--gold, silver, bronze, champagne. Textured fabrics and antique pieces. Eclectic mirrors everywhere. Gorgeous chandeliers towering from tall ceilings. Old world elegance but with a bit of new age flair.

On top of opulent, metallic tones, add rich, warm colors in your floral. Deep red, burnt orange, even a velvet purple.
Try something new with your centerpieces using these tones. Like these fabulous low arrangements with shades of chocolate and caramel from Ed Libby.
Add a bit of flush, soft pieces to offset the radiance and to comfort your guests too! Imagine how this would look propped up on a high-back antique chair in your cocktail area.

How awesome would an antique piano be? You could pull together the old world decor while providing fabulous music (with a pianist in tails!) while your guests mix and mingle.

Use a textured fabric to cover long rows of tables. Extending lines create a more luxurious, radiant feel to a room--tall vases, intricate chandeliers, rows and rows of tables.
Lastly, top your tables with gorgeous, antique plates and silverware. Fall has an eclectic, mismatched look in store. Utilize this look by going to local thrift stores, yard sales and antique shops to build your collection. It could save you those outstanding rental fees too!
I'm ready for a change to BIG things. Fall is a short season. Soon we'll be moving into the white floral and the icy look of winter. For all you fall brides--and recently there have been quite a few of you--embrace the over-the-top feel of big design and metallic color palettes. You'll feel like royalty.

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