Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tutu adorable

Because of a wee bit of inspiration back in the day, one of our brides is donning her precious flower girl in a tutu. According to Lauren, her niece is all about the hairbands, makeup, lipstick, and tutu's--how fitting!

Loving these adorable ballerina flower girls.

Step outside the box and dress your flower girls in something that they can use post-wedding. Imagine how cute the pictures will be!

What will your flower girls wear? Are they carrying anything special or sweet? Share your kid-friendly ideas!

{top: Cameron Ingalls via Green Wedding Shoes, middle: Paul Von Reiter, bottom: flicker stream via Green Wedding Shoes}


  1. Great post Lindsay! What a fabulous idea:)

  2. Lil P is going to be something believe me...