Thursday, April 14, 2011

you spin me right round, baby

Many may think that pinwheels are overdone, out, finito. Oh, but I still think they can shine on for at least another season or two. They are just so darn playful and pretty.

My bride's inspiration for pinwheels stemmed from bouncing around non-traditional boutonniere ideas. We got so stuck on having pinwheels for the groomsmen, that incorporating these festive crafts were a must. While we're doing it subtly, hidden in some centerpieces and such, it will make for that pop of color and playfulness we're looking for in her neutral, organic, garden wedding.

Be on the look out for a pinwheel crafting tutorial when I get crackin' on creating these for her big day.

Are you having a pinwheel wedding as well? What else are you incorporating to make your design pop? Are you bridesmaids carrying anything unique and fun? How about your boutonniere inspiration?

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