Thursday, July 14, 2011

tied with love

Wanting your groom to be a bit more adventurous with his style? Want him to simply get involved with the wedding day? Look no further than his own tie! Here are some handsome alternatives to the traditional silk ties.

Forage Bow Ties, created by the geniuses at Something’s Hiding in Here, are made out of limited edition vintage fabrics. So if you see a style you both love you better order them quickly.

Thank heavens for Good Heavens Ties!

A perfect addition to linen or khaki suits.

Loving these gorgeous two tone ties from The General Knot Co.

Handsome, right? What is your husband-to-be wearing for the big day? Did you stick to a more traditional black suit? Or are you itching for a more unique, handmade look? For more info on groom's attire visit our suit pairings and unique shirt idea posts.

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