Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drink Confession

In an effort to stay true to everything I post on this blog, I have a confession. When I was suggesting signature cocktail recipes, I gave you a "delicious orange drink recipe". I lied. And here's how I know:

To keep them on track, I scheduled a "let's make some decisions" meeting with my sister and future brother-in-law. We were doing a a great job plowing through wedding lists, making decisions, placing orders--they even made their own To-Do lists! Towards the bottom of my own check list was signature cocktail options. Now as you already know, they did not have the option of having one, but only the option of what it would be. Our conversation was as follows:

Me: "So have you decided on a signature cocktail or two?"

Brittany: "No."

Me: "Well I made some suggestions on my blog a few weeks ago. Did you guys read them?"

Ben & Brittany: [looking at each other in guilt] ""

Me: [in a crazy high-pitched voice] "Ah! My family doesn't event read my blog! NOW, I am very aware no one reads my blog but me! I can't believe this..."

So after I head to the computer to pull up my blog and read some suggestions, it just so happens that Brittany and Ben have the ingredients for the first drink. I enthusiastically agree its time for a break and the drink making commences. Now I want to preface this next statement with at the time I created this drink and got reviews on it, it sounded DELICIOUS (for gin drinkers of course). It fit the orange theme, Ben loves gin, so I thought it would be perfect.

[was not prepared for picture taking that night.]
[spillage from my lack of bartending skills]

It was disgusting. And I mean disgusting. Ben's face says it all:

So I will warn you now. Unless you ABSOLUTELY LOVE mimosa and gin. You will not like this drink. And because I am the first to admit, I make mistakes and will fess up to them: this drink sucks. BUT I am positive the blueberry one is delicious.

Off to the beach with the family for the weekend.

And I promise, from now on, I will make a valiant effort to post more frequently.

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