Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Picture of Love

I want to take a step back from my typical event-related posts and delve into my emotional, sappy side. Now, I got into this business because I love organizing and planning things. I love being creative and designing spaces. And I love seeing a client’s reaction to all the beautiful things. I see wedding things all day. Whether it’s exploring a talented vendor or just simply looking at stunning photographs. I’m surrounded by sappy, romantic, lovely moments. This one, not even wedding related at all, topped my book in utterly exuding love.

I was taking an evening jog in the local park—brand new (pink!) running shoes and feeling great. Getting exhausted, I tried to convince my legs to go just a mile further. As I turned the corner and headed towards the fields, I saw something that was totally purifying: a young, proud father practicing tee ball with his barely out of diapers two-year-old. Imagine the most adorable, blonde, wobbly boy with a grin from ear-to-ear and a cackle you can hear for miles. Unbalanced, he stepped up to the homemade plate and swung the plastic bat, just barely hitting the ball off the tee. The mother, holding an infant child on the sidelines, cheered for the boy and he ran around the miniature bases with his father chasing after him. I slowly approached, as to not disturb his concentration, but I was too late. The little boy saw me and so proudly stepped up to the plate again. He swung the bat five feet from the tee and obviously missed. He looked back at me to make sure I kept watching. His dad came up to him, set him in position, and counted to three, “SWING!” they said. He hit the ball off the tee and hysterically laughed as he was chased around the bases to home.

Maybe I was just in a rare, extremely emotional state, and maybe my description doesn't do it justice, but this caused the tear swells. This moment painted the most exquisite picture of the meaning of family, the meaning of marriage and children and love. I couldn’t stop smiling. I love love. And I love, when you’re least expecting it, something shows you very apparently its meaning.

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  1. Lindsay,
    I love you. Oh ps- very nicely done blog entry.