Monday, November 16, 2009

Unique Wedding Exits

Clients are always asking me alternatives for wedding exits. Whether their reception site won't let them use bubbles, sparklers or birdseed, or they're just opting for something a little less traditional, unique exits are in high demand. I've compiled a few of my favorites and most popular ideas--and all inexpensive!

Paper Airplanes.
Remember to bend or dull the tip to save an eye!

Autumn Leaves.
Tis the season for colorful leaves! An extremely budget friendly, beautiful option!

Festive Flags.
Screen print any word, symbol or monogram on muslin and you have a fun way to leave! Find the DIY tutorial here.{Wedding Bee}

Especially adorable for afternoon, spring weddings!

Glow Sticks.
80's flashback? Make sure it's super dark so you can get stellar photographs!

Ribbon Wands.
An easy DIY project that can double as a cute favor for your guests!

If these don't tickle your fancy, why not instruments that fit your theme or passion? In fact, noise was traditionally used to ward off evil spirits!

What have you used for your grand exit? A more traditional approach or something a bit more unique?

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