Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wedding Etiquette: Gimmie Cash

{image by: Alex M Photography}

"Great, another blender...a stained glass plate I didn't register for...more holiday pile in my closet!"

Registering for a wedding can be one of the most daunting and stressful parts of the planning process. You may even find that you already have the necessities to fill a happy home. As the average age to wed is steadily increasing, couples have established careers and own homes by the time they tie the knot. So in a world where money is gold and debt is superfluous, its very tempting to ask for cash on you wedding invitation.


Never ask for cash on your wedding invitation. Never put any registry information on your wedding invitation at all. The best way to to get the gift preference out there is word of mouth. If you would prefer cash, let your immediate family know. When Aunt Susie calls up your mother to ask if you would prefer the crystal butter dish or the silver flatware, she can casually state your preference of cash. Generation Y brides are even opting for the wedding website to tell guests their registry information. And a Save-the-Date is a perfectly acceptable place to put this website!

Still don't really need to register for anything? Opt for a honeymoon registry [ or]. That way you can splurge on a lavish, romantic getaway on Uncle Tom.

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