Friday, April 16, 2010

burlap is today's tulle

I recently read somewhere that 'burlap is today's tulle' and I couldn't agree more. Since I started dreaming of all things wedding, I can't tell you a fabric that I've had design dreams about more than burlap. At around $2 a yard, it is inexpensive and a perfect element to your rustic, DIY affair.For a country or farm wedding, cover the tops of hay barrels for adorable seating. But be careful of shedding. Get linen burlap and spray lightly with starch and that should rid your guests of burlap-covered clothing.

Cut burlap in strips and use as ribbon for stationery. Add a textured element by wrapping them around candles or framing pictures.

Burlap is a seamstress's dream fabric as it sews so nicely. Get your girls together and make quick DIY favor bags. You can even make wine bags for the holidays!

Aren't this DIY burlap napkin rings adorable?

I can't quite think of another fabric I love more than burlap. Period.


  1. If anyone knows where "burlap is today's tulle" is quoted from, let me know so I can give proper credit!

  2. Love this Lindsay! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've seen it said here- back in 2009.

    Great post- just love! Classic Party Rentals has been using Burlap for several years and it's gorgeous!

  4. Love this sweet and rustic look!