Thursday, April 8, 2010

trend alert: mismatched chairs

Call it the latest trend or inspiring design, but there is something so oddly romantic and sweet about tables and chairs that don't mesh so perfectly.

Perfect for a small, garden wedding, with no need for standard rentals. Raid your own furniture stash or go on the hunt for bargain thrift store chairs. Keep in mind there needs to be a bit of fluidity in the juxtaposition of it all.

When designing this idea and hunting for chairs, make sure you are sticking to a style or color palette. For instance, keep to all wooden chairs with different style backs. You wouldn't want to come home, look at your collection, and realize you have a purple paisley printed chair with a wooden stool and a plaid high back.

Another fun thing to do is get crafty with what goes on the chairs. Have the same cushions or pillows on different vintage or wooden chairs to give it a slightly monochromatic feel. It's important for your design to have a common feel, look and style.

Perfect for a breakfast area in your home, an outdoor tea party, or a small spring wedding.

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