Thursday, August 23, 2012

Donut vs. Doughnut

Donut vs. Doughnut. Doesn't really matter how you spell it, either way they are Yum. I have a slight obsession with this scrumptious, sugary, doughy, sweet bread. Growing up it was always something presented as a "special treat" or as my siblings and I referred to simply as "ST". Almost every Sunday before church (and probably one of the only things that made us crawl out of bed that early on a Sunday) was the guarantee that the white, powdered Sweet Sixteen donuts would be waiting for us in the kitchen. Remember these beauts?
We love them so much, my sister decided to have them as treats for her wedding guests too. But hers were of THE most delicious variety--spudnuts out of Charlottesville, Virginia.

So as a nod to my favorite treat as a child, I've put together some wedding day donut inspiration for you to drool over.

For y'all local RVA folks, I've put together my top three favorite spots to get these sweet treats.

1. Ms. Yoder's Donuts. I'm telling you, these are smack-your-mama good. And HUGE at about 6 inches in diameter! Coming around only to local farmer's markets (and shucks, they attend one every Saturday a mile from my house--ever wonder the reason why I run??).  Their popularity has decorated their truck with several Richmond awards and on any given Saturday The Yoder Family produce and sell about 1500 donuts in only 4 hours. 

2. Dixie Donuts. New to the Richmond scene, these gourmet donuts come in some crazy good flavors. From pistachio to german chocolate cake to blueberry cobbler and dulce de leche. No, I didn't just buy a LivingSocial deal for $18 dollars worth of these babies.

3. Ukrop's Bakery. An oldie but a goodie. This was the donut favorite in the Averette household growing up. The simply glazed, fluffy donuts are perfect with a cup o' joe. Still to this day when I visit my mom see them in her dessert tray I let out an embarrassing squeal. Good thing she doesn't judge me.

As favors, dessert bars, wedding cake or breakfast, donuts will most likely be a hit at any point and during any season for that matter. You can bet that whenever I decide to take the plunge, these puppies will be hitting my guests lips. 

What are your favor sweet treats? What will you be serving your wedding guests for dessert? 
Would love to hear your fun, creative ideas!


  1. Dixie Donuts are stale, bland, and overpriced. Country Style Donuts on Williamsburg road is a close #2 behind Mrs. Yoder's. Ukrops donuts are OK...certainly miles better than the disappointment that is Dixie Donuts.

  2. Yea, Country Style Donuts!!! Yummmmmm. Love this post, Lindsay. Definitely loved the donuts/Ukrops cucakes at Brit&Ben's wedding.