Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bride Talk Radio: Styles Group Fitness + LK

I had the recent privilege of guest appearing on Richmond Bride Radio hosted by Styles Group Fitness Network. Offering a Bride Bootcamp, WhitStyles helps brides shape up before the big day. And after hearing the constant complaints of wedding planning, WhitStyles began hosting a Bridal Radio show featuring local wedding vendors. Wedding vendor #1=yours truly, LK Events & Design.

Because I have recently found my niche with DIY by LK (more to come on this new adventure!), Whit and I discussed budget brides and how to save over $5000 on your wedding budget with some simple Do-It-Yourself projects. Missed the show? You can listen to it here. But if you're a visual learner, I've decided to give some step-by-step instructions on DIY projects discussed.


If flowers aren't as important to you as say the dress or the food and drink, skip the large, lavish arrangments done by the pros. Opt for DIY.

-Buy one type of flower from a bulk discounter. It's much cheaper this way! Have it delivered one or two days before the wedding or pick it up from the store.

-Pick up floral wire and tape from a craft store, along with some pretty ribbon and pearl corsage pins. [Thinner ribbon for the boutonnieres and wider ribbon for bouquets!]

-Have your 'maids come over and have a flower party!

With a little creativity, you can create something like this:

The key is making sure it's secure. It may take two sets of hands, but wrap tightly and secure with elegant pearl corsage pins.

Tip: Insert the pins diagonally into the flower stems as to not poke your hands when holding!

Cupcake Stand

This season cupcakes are a trendy alternative to the traditional wedding cake. But don't you still want same the drop-your-jaw effect as a lavish wedding cake? Simple. Make your cupcake stand look like a wedding cake! DIY, of course!

foam board
wrapping paper
hot glue
-Build each layer as if you were building a box. For this one, created by DIY by LK, we started with 6 inch height for all four layers. Building 28, 22, 16 and 10 square layers, stacked on top. Assemble these four boxes using hot glue.

-Wrap each individual layer neatly with wrapping paper. Now here's where you can get creative! Textured, printed, simple and solid. The sky is the limit, just make sure it's neat!

-Cover any cuts of paper or tape with beautiful ribbon (again--think textured, printed or silk) or florals. Grab whatever best fits your style in the craft store and go to town!

-Once decorated to your liking, stack the boxes on top of eachother and tah-dah! You have a beautiful, extremely show-stopping piece of DIY art!

As discussed with Whit on our Bride Radio show, there are tons more ideas and projects to DIY for your wedding. I will continue to post DIY by LK in hopes to inspire!

If you didn't catch our radio show, listen here. And tune in every Monday and Wednesday at Noon for more wedding planning tips from local area vendors!

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