Thursday, October 29, 2009

Textures, prints, patterns

I am a firm believer that the simplest things like ribbon and fabric can add depth and texture to a design. You don't need the lavish candelabra or the gorgeous designer gown to have a full, textured, gorgeous wedding. When you keep everything else relatively simple, pick the smallest things to add dimension to your wedding or event. When your florists asks you what ribbon or appliques you prefer, choose a textured, printed or patterned ribbon over the plain silks. Choose charms and beading instead of simple pearl pins.

The checkered fabric is a perfect example of infusing gorgeous texture with a simple centerpiece and decor. Being able to choose textured fabrics and ribbons, you are able to go simple with everything else.

My advice to you: when shopping at a craft store or scouring the internet for ideas, chose lace, gingham, polka dots, crushed silk, sheer over a solid silk ribbon or fabric. Its a simple and inexpensive way to go from plain to vibrant!

{from top to bottom: Kate Harrison Photography via Ruffledblog; checkered fabric: Jagger Photography via Ruffledblog; arrangements by Holly Chapple photographed by Kate Headley via Snippet & Ink; bouquet by April Flowers photo by Ken Kienow via Snippet & Ink}

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