Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Fresh Market

I could be a little late jumping on The Fresh Market bandwagon, but WOW! This store has become my new grocery shopping obsession. As you walk in, you are immediately knocked back with delicious smells of the season. The other day it was cinnamon, pumpkin, spices--delicious! Everything from flowers to nuts to desserts are beautifully displayed and beckoned to be oogled over! I mean you really should have seen me--wide eyed and jaw dropped.

The Fresh Market is full of every delicacy you can image. Fruits, cheeses, wines, nuts, snack mixes, a candy bar, ready made meals, meats, fish, desserts and the list goes on.

But what really got me when I walked in was the homey feel this place exudes. Barrels of nuts, gorgeous flower displays, huge oak bins, fruit boxes filled the room. Each section was not only beautiful, it smelled so heavenly of what was being displayed. Mmmm...

If I can suggest anything, stop by your local Fresh Market. Even if just to look, the sights and smells will put an instant smile on your face.

D+D was not paid by The Fresh Market to write this entry. I simply fell in love with this store and wanted to share it with you!

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